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Flat Seam
  • Flat seam metal roofing refers to the joining of metal panels that are folded one over the other progressively, and hammered down to form a flat seam. The seams are fully soldered to provide a weather tight joint.
  • Concealed expansion clip fasteners are used on the panels, to allow them to move during thermal contraction and expansion, and thus eliminate the need for screw penetrations which are a common source for leaks.
  • Although this type of seam is most commonly used on a low slope and flat roof surfaces, the flat seam metal roofing can also be used on curvedlike curves and vaults.
  • The most common material used for flat seams is copper.
  • This type of metal roofing has a low life cycle cost and will typically last up to 20 years with no maintenance at all.
  • Flat seam metal roofs are made usually from recycled metal components, and are environmentally friendly due to their energy efficiency.