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Standing Seam
  • The standing seam metal roof is made up of many interlocking metal panels that are placed vertically from the ridge of the roof downwards.
  • The most commonly used metal for standing seam systems is galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc.
  • Standing seam roofing is applied using specially concealed clips, which retain the position of the panels and allow them to expand and contract during temperature change, and resist strong winds.
  • Standing seam systems provide the ultimate in durable roofing, as they are puncture resistant and can withstand even the most extreme forces of nature, including hurricanes and hail storms. This is due the raised weather tight seam above the roof’s drainage area and the organic sealants that are applied.
  • A standing seam metal roof can also be installed directly onto an existing roof, which saves time and money during construction.
  • Standing seam also offers excellent drainage solutions for snow and rain, and eliminates the problems of pooling water.
    Standing seam has a special insulation installed between the metal panels and under layer to create an independent insulation system.

  • Maintenance required is minimal to none, as it is resistant to cracking, shrinking, eroding, perforating, puncturing, rusting, and corroding.
    Overall, standing seam is an excellent and lasting investment.