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  • A very popular roofing form in Europe, Zinc roofing’s popularity in the US has been cyclic over many decades.
  • Zinc roofing strips are versatile in use, appearance, and application.
  • Zinc roofing strips are able to resist corrosion by naturally developing its own protective patina. As a result these roofs are very durable, lasting about 100 years in a rural environment, (4 times that as long as a steel roof) making it an optimum investment.
  • This patina also allows zinc roofs to self-repair imperfections and scratches, eliminating the need for a coating or varnish, and regular maintenance.
  • Zinc roofing strips are highly malleable and can adopt any shape, including low radius curves and complex shapes.
  • Zinc is also a natural material and is 100% recyclable.
  • Zinc roofing initially installation is quite expensive as a result of certain requirements, which include a thorough roof inspections for geometrical continuity, project structural conformity, and physic-chemical compatibility.