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Spanish Tile
  • Spanish tiles historically evolved from the old European buildings and western missions around the world. Their dramatic multi-dimensional and wavy design creates a graceful and bold look that is clean looking and smooth.
  • The most popular Spanish tile is traditionally comprised of two pieces, although it is also available as a single piece.
  • Although the Spanish tile is a classic, modern designs and techniques made its aesthetics versatile. It is available in a wide array of patterns, finishes, color blending options and architectural styles.
  • Durable and long lasting, these tiles are a life-long solution for a sloped roof.
  • Low slope roofs will typically need a waterproofing under layer.
  • These tiles are made of incombustible material; they have a low moisture absorption rate. They are extremely durable and hard to break.
  • Limited maintenance is required when used under normal conditions.